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Posted on: 17 Nov 2017


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    Learn a new international language and secure your job & future
    Learning a foreign language is an investment of time and money, depending on the route chosen. Each individual will have his or her own reasons for learning a second language and experience unique rewards. Whether it is for a career/job opportunity, a dream vacation, business or personal growth, foreign language is a fantastic asset.
    @OSCAR…Language study made simpler


    We offer different options in each language:
    • Beginner to Advanced Levels for Adults.
    • Monthly Improvement sessions of 20 – 26 hours for Adults & Juniors & Kids.
    • New language to juniors (Junior Level 1 & 2).
    • Special academic packages (English, Arabic & French) for school students.
    • Coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE Exams.
    • Corporate Training packages for group/company.

    • Ministry (KHDA) Attested Certificates after each level.


    Stay Safe

    • Meet face to face, never send payment for items you have not seen.
    • Use the "Send a Reply" button for your safety and privacy.
    • Do not reply to email addresses hidden in text and pictures.