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Posted on: 18 Aug 2017


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    Breathing well in a country like Dubai is an essential thing to do. Where, AC System is in use for whole 365 days of the year due to weather conditions. So, in any building, domestic, commercial or industrial AC system is playing important role and AC Duct should get cleaning to overcome all contaminants such as debris, dust, animal dander, hair, fibers from carpets & clothing. Tobacco lees and lot more accrue inside the AC ducts and fan coil units.

    Riotime Technical Services LLC is a well known company in Dubai for
    AC Duct Cleaning. We are using latest equipments for the AC Duct Cleaning which will agitate and collect the dust from duct at a same time.

    Rotobrush & Duct Master III are the latest equipments to do the AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai.

    AC Duct cleaning will also include the disinfection of AC System that will facilitate to avoid respiratory illnesses and elicit asthma attacks due to mould and bacteria.

    For a healthy living AC Duct Cleaning & Disinfection should be done every once a year.  AC Duct Cleaning is very important for you to breath best.


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