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Posted on: 18 Sep 2017


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    FastCheque lets you to print cheques on any bank's cheque books. You can avoid spelling mistakes, writing errors and same time putting a professional impression on your suppliers. it gives PDC reminders , and generate reports of all cheque transactions.
    Delicate Software Solutions offers professional solutions for HR and Payroll Software, Accounting & Inventory software, Cheque Printing Software, Sales / Purchasing & Inventory system. we are located in well known city called Dubai.

    Some of our very popular products:

    HR Payroll Software - EasyHR ( [URL][/URL] )
    * HR and Payroll Software with Document Management System.
    * Employee Profile Management with Annual leave, Expense & complaints etc
    * Payroll calculation & automatic WPS .sif file, salary voucher & statment
    * Automatic Gratuity Calculation with all employees gratuity report.
    * Save scanned documents and other files with each employee record
    * Company & Vehichle records with various document expiry reminders

    Cheque Printing Software – FastCheque ( [URL][/URL] )
    * Tired of writing cheques by hand? We have a solution for printing cheques!
    * Prints cheques on your normal cheque book leafs of any bank
    * Auto conversion of Amount from Numbers to words
    * Reminder of Issued PDC cheques on startup
    * Print or export report of issued cheques with various parameters

    LPO Management - QuickLPO ( [URL][/URL] )
    * Quick & Easiest way to prepare purchasing orders.
    * Professionally manage prepared LPOs with approval status.
    * Automatic preparation of Purchase Receipts.
    * Maintain supplier records & attach documents!
    * Useful reports of LPOs in date range, by Supplier / Project etc

    For more information:
    Ms. Kristine on 04-4216577
    Email: sales [at]
    Delicate Software Solutions


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