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Posted on: 20 Sep 2017


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    Without a trademark registration, you run the risk that a competitor starts doing a business under a similar name, “Stealing” your customers or confusing them. This can be very damaging for your business.
    How it benefits the Business:
    • Protects the Business and owner from significant financial loss as a result of possible infringement.
    • Gives the registrant Exclusive legal ownership over the mark, and exclusive right to use the mark nationwide.
    • It refrains others from claiming that your trademark is an infringement upon theirs.
    • It is an Official proof of precedence of trademark, which means that any party that intends to have a confusingly similar mark cannot claim ignorance of existence of previously registered mark.
    • It grants the owner the right to recover damages and attorney’s fees from a possible infringer.
    • A register trademark is a prerequisite for franchising a business.

    The range and scope of our Intellectual Property services include Trademark Registration.
    We are committed to protecting your trademark and service mark, guarding against infringement and enforcing your rights in our coverage area which includes the UAE, GCC and the entire World. We offer the following services as a part of our services portfolio:
    • Trademark Registration/Protection, Renewal and Amendments
    • Trademark agreements for Assignment, Licensing and franchise
    • Patent Registration/Protection/Renewal
    • Domain Name Registration as trademark and Renewal
    • Copyright Registration/Protection
    • Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Consultancy
    Patent your products and ideas
    We provide a complete range of patent registration, protection and enforcement services that are customized to the needs and specifications of clients. They include the following:
    • Patent search, opinion and analysis
    • Prosecution and renewals Patent Applications
    • Recording of Licenses and Assignments, Mergers of Patent Rights
    • Maintaining Protection Rights and Annuities
    • Legal Translations of Specifications, Claims, Abstract of Patents etc…
    • Opposing / Defending Grant of Patents
    • Publication of Cautionary Notices
    Further we can assist you in Forming Companies in UAE & Internationally.
    • Branch Companies / Representative Offices
    • Offshore Services
    • Free Zone Companies with 100% ownership by individuals & corporate (free zone companies are exempted from Import / Export or Income Tax)
    • Mainland Companies
    • Bookkeeping, Accounting & Payroll Services.
    • Out Sourcing
    Feel free to call for Free Consultation:
    Mayank Bhagat
    Business Associate
    +971 504057961 (Call or Whats app) /
    Company Formation (Onshore, Offshore & Mainland) | Business Setup | Corporate PRO and Government related service


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