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Posted on: 25 Apr 2018


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    Starting a car rental business in Dubai:
    Starting a car rental business in Dubai is also a profitable business. Because, most of the locals and expat are passionate to drive a luxury car; but only a few can have enough money to buy it. So, most of the time people rely on rent a car to drive their dream car. A rent a car license in Dubai will enable you to provide luxury car for a rent that is for a short or long term to the residence of a UAE.
    Most of the small medium as well as large companies prefer to rent a car for its outside work; that is for each of their driver to deliver documents and items or for their consultant to meet the client on the client site.
    And also, most of the local and expat residence of UAE likes to go for desert safari, hell stations, knocking and exploring wadis and find to see the nature. For these trips they need an off-road car (4 wheels drives). So, everyone taking a 4 wheels drive for these trips from rent a car business setup in Dubai.
    Activity name Car Rental

    Activity Code 711105
    Activity Group Car rent and passenger transport
    License Type Commercial
    Activity Description It enables a firm to rent auto mobiles for short periods of time; that is without drivers, to people who do not have their own car. Also, travelers who are out of town; or owners whose care are damage or destroy in incident; and are waiting for the repair.

    The opportunity and popularity of rent a car Business set up in Dubai can be measures from the number of rent a car company which are operating in Dubai. Here hundreds of rent a car business in Dubai available for car hire in Dubai. But, it does not mean that market is saturated in this business. Have more companies in the market also show the worth of this business.
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